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Sisters United UG

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Terms and Conditions

Sisters Escort Agency provides contacts between a customer and a female escort. Sisters Escort appears only as a recruiter, a contractual relationship originates only between the customer and the escort girl. For the successful recruitment Sisters Escort Agency receives a commission.


The information about fees for the companionship and time spent with Sisters Escort models is to be taken under the point "Fee". In addition to that Sisters Escort Agency advertises travelling fees like taxi charges, flight or train tickets.


The payment in cash occurs through handing over of an open envelope by the customer to the escort lady at the beginning of their encounter. For international booking or those ones over 24 Hours Sisters Escort Agency require a 50% deposit of the agreed escort fee. The deposit is to pay 72 hours before the beginning of the date. Sisters Escort accepts the payment in trust. Costs for flight or train tickets are to be paid in advance in full amount.


If a customer cancels the date least 48 beforehand, the made deposit will be credited to him up to one year. Within this year he can book a new date and use the deposit. After this year the claim to payment will expire. The travel expenses will be reimbursed, if it doesn't occasion costs for Sisters Escort Agency (cancelation protection).

Cancellation by Sisters Escort Agency

If the escort Lady cancels the appointment for an important reason (illness, accident), Sister Escort Agency will suggest another lady or an alternative time for the next appointment. In case no Consensus is reached, the appointment is considered to be cancelled and any deposits will be refunded by Sisters Escort Agency. Thus other claims to Sisters Escort Agency are excluded.


All the customer's information is treated with the ultimate discretion and used only by Sisters Escort Agency. The information serves to make a contact with an escort model and will not be transmitted on third parties.