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Marie is extraordinarily pleasant and has a lively charisma. Through her eloquence and confidence, it is easy for her to quickly adapt to new situations, so the dark blonde beauty is an perfect companion for any occasion. She opens up to her counterpart quickly and enjoys both stimulating conversations and quiet moments of togetherness.

Nevertheless, she retains a touch of mysterious, almost impenetrable seductiveness that can drive men crazy. Despite her otherwise unexciting nature, she therefore particularly enjoys naughty and wild nights in which - even without a special occasion - you can simply celebrate yourself and life and let yourself fall.

She cares a lot about being not only a passionate lover, but also a true friend, even if for a limited time... The girlfriend with whom you can laugh, cry and who is game for anything. 

Likes: GFS, MMW, MWW, golden shower (active), passionate kisses, masturbation performance, Spanish, striptease, role plays, toys, dirty talk, fun in the shower, handjob, come-on-body, blowjob, Greek (depends on the situation) etc. If you have any questions or special wishes, please feel free to contact us :)

Available in Berlin and worldwide.
Age: Early 30s Height: 166 cm Size: 36/38 Cup: 75B Hair: dark blond Eyes: green Job: Marketing Languages: German, English Book


I like:

art, opera, skiing, travelling, water sport, sport events

I don't like:

stereotyped thinking

My free time:

Fitness, spending time with my family and friends

My favorite movie:

I like quite a few films :)

I enjoy drinking:

good wine and champagne

My food porn:

fish, seafood, japanese, italian are my favorite ones, but open for everything

My favorite scent:

Narciso Rodriguez, Hermes, Memo

The places to be:

By the sea

The places to go:

bars and restaurants with a nice atmosphere... ;)

The quote of the day:

YOU can stay, but your clothes must go ;)



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