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"She painted her face,
to hide her face.
Her eyes are deep water.
A Geisha isn't free to wish ...
A Geisha isn't free to feel ...
A Geisha is an artist of the floating world.
She dances, she sings ... she entertains you...
you get, whatever you want.
The rest is in shadow,
The rest is a secret! "

Which secrets does this Far Eastern beauty hide? How does she like it... A conversation? Deep and extensive or short and really intense? How does it look like, when Suri is horny and taking off her tiny panties ? Probably then her almond-shaped eyes sparkle and the tender skin glows... Suri, you seem to be an angel... But you must be a really NAUGHTY girl...

Likes: GFS, MMW, MWW, golden shower (active), bisexual, passionate kisses, masturbation performance, Spanish, striptease, role plays, toys, dirty talk, fun in the shower, handjob, come-on-body, blowjob, Greek (depends on the situation) etc. If you have any questions or special wishes, please feel free to contact us :)

Available in Berlin and worldwide.
Age: Early 20s Height: 160 cm Size: 36/38 Cup: 70B Hair: black Eyes: brown Job: Student Languages: German (mother tongue), English Book


I like:

enjoyable company

I don't like:


My free time:

Poledance, Kung Fu, Swimming, Wellness

My favorite movie:

I prefer quite a few films

I enjoy drinking:

fruity cocktails good wine

My food porn:

open for everything which is tasty :)

My favorite scent:

Let me whisper it in your ear...

The places to be:

Paris, Berlin, Madrid

The places to go:

Grace Bar, The Grand, The Curtain Club

The quote of the day:

One dose of me and I'll have you addicted ;)



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alle rates apply per model

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