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Enticing, nice, attractive? These adjectives would be too banal and too boring for the description of this beauty. And Tilly is anything but that! The passionate model is so irresistible that you will begin to drool as soon as you see her ;) Probably that's why men are so fascinated by the burning passion and desire of this young lady. The gorgeous beauty will first use her hands to relax your tension and to reduce your stress... And then... Hopefully you have seen her teasing mouth ;)
Is it just a dream? No, the pleasure of superlatives is within your reach. And its name is Tilly...

Likes: Striptease, professional Massage, GFS, passionate kisses, masturbation performance, Spanish, role plays, toys, dirty talk, fun in the shower, handjob, come-on-body, blowjob etc. If you have any questions or special wishes, please feel free to contact us :)

Available in Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover and worldwide.
Age: Mid 20s Height: 165 cm Size: 36 Cup: 70D Hair: brown Eyes: brown Job: Student Languages: English, Mandarin Book


I like:

summer, the beach, sunflowers

I don't like:

rudeness, traffic, the cold

My free time:

hanging out with friends, cooking, surfing

My favorite movie:

"Fight Club", "Pulp Fiction"

I enjoy drinking:

red wine, Aperol Spritz

My food porn:

sushi, shashimi

My favorite scent:


The places to be:

Berlin, Paris, Gold Coast

The places to go:

Vabali, the beach

The quote of the day:

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”



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3 hours650 € 4 hours750 € 6 hours950 € 8 hours1.150 € 12 hours1.450 € 18 hours1.900 € 24 hours2.350 €
alle rates apply per model

Would you like to enjoy the company of our beautiful muses over a weekend or vacation? Just give us a call or drop us an Email and we will definitely find a solution!

Please consider the prices mentioned above as a net fee: In case a model should take a taxi/train/flight to get to you, her expenses are an additional cost factor you should be aware of.

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